You can be simply a Christian

Without Ever Joining Any Denomination


  • You can be a Christian
  • A member of the church of the Lord
  • Forgiven of your sins
  • Assured of the promise of eternal life


  • Joining any denomination
  • Being bound by any human creed
  • Or submitting to any final human authority in religion

Not only can you be, the Lord wants you to be!
Throughout the world, many people are studying their New Testaments with the thrilling awareness that the way to Christ and the salvation He offers is clearly revealed. These people are learning that the Word of God is the “seed” (Luke 8:11), and that just as the seed produced Christians when preached and received into “honest and good” hearts in the first century, so it will produce Christians in the twenty-first century. They are seeing, too, that far from authorizing a great number of different, competing groups the Lord established one church and that He guides that church, even today, by His own Word.

  • Believe in Jesus Christ – Mark 16:15,16
  • Repent of your sins – Acts 2:38
  • Confess your faith – Romans 10:10
  • Be Baptized into Christ – Gal. 3:27

The Lord will add you to his church – Acts 2:38. You will be simply a Christian – Acts 11:26 – as you join with other Christians in working and worship and growing as you are guided by the word of God as revealed in the New Testament – 2 Timothy 3:16,17.
This message is presented by a congregation of just such people as you have been reading about. They have obeyed from the heart the simple commands of the Lord as they have the Lord’s promise that He has added them to His church. They have joined no denomination, subscribed to no human creed, recognized no final human authority in religion. They, along with millions of others, are pleading for the restoration of New Testament Christianity. They urge you to obey the gospel of Christ revealed in the New Testament.

Come Worship With Us

You will enjoy and benefit from hearing the Gospel preached in its original “simplicity and purity which is in Christ.” II Corinthians 11:3.

You will observe the New Testament church in action as it works and worships God. John 4:24